Thursday, June 12, 2008


its 1:24 am and i cant sleep. thats what i get for reading articles about stocks and investing right before bed from a magazine i got at the library for free. diagram that sentence. another freebie was Self, which has a diet renovation plan. in a month, you lose a dress size. im not too interested in that, but i would like to get in shape and eat healthier. day one says 'keep a food log' hmmm

bowl of special K and milk  (pretty tasty and also super cheap)
cup of coffee
one generic lime ralph's yogurt- pretty much the best yogurt ive ever tasted. also, cheap. 
(yet, ive still managed to spend twice my food budget last month- i need a money diet).
water. more coffee.
finally, at about 4:30, i stop trying to catch up our finances in quickbooks and eat a slice of meatloaf i made last night. mmm.
angel hair pasta with sauteed shrimp, mushrooms and sauce.
glass of red wine. (i've cut myself off sugar and alcohol to be healthier- except for red wine with dinner. its good for the heart, and delicious. also... cheap. its panilonco from trader joe's and the best wine you can get for $3.99. try to find the chardonnay/viognier if you can). 
i delay going to work out for so long that i am too tired once that stupid guessing game show is over - the suitcase one. ugh! we didnt watch celebrity circus. that would be just too degrading. 
part of berry cobbler i made last night- i know i know, its sugar. and vanilla ice cream one scoop. and part of a cup of coffee..... lalalallalala. probably why im up right now.
spencer and i were looking at our stomachs pooching out as we ate cobbler in bed. sigh. back on the workout wagon tomorrow! 


Kristiana said...

I think you should definitely continue to combine your food log with your budget. You could market that and make millions. I love this idea.

Jess said...

lol i really want to tell you what i eat but.. it would be embarrassing. Please tell me how to make meatloaf!